30th Anniversary Countdown Kit



Just in time for the holidays, the Secret Lair 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit is a set of 30 boosters with stylized wrappers that mark their year, one for each Magic year. Inside you'll find a card printed from that year with a twist—it comes in a style true to the Secret Lair ethos.

We've brought back popular Secret Lair artists and designers to create a 30-year countdown experience to delight fans. These cards are not only some of the highlights of Magic, but also feature tournament-winning cards from each of those years. These aren't just nostalgic—they're also tried-and-true tournament winners (well, almost all of them) that you'll want to play, too.

While we won't reveal all 30 cards just yet, we're giving you a taste of what's inside. For the rest—well, it's like opening a birthday present. I wonder where we got that idea?